Make the Most of Your Trip to Khagrachari

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Make the Most of Your Trip to Khagrachari

Khagrachhari district is proud of its glorious beauty. This hilly district is a huge combination of incredibly beautiful with waterfalls and hills. Khagrachari has been formed with an impeccable form of impeccably beautiful nature. The dark green hills in the nature here, the sound of fountains, the blue sky above, the occasional white clouds of the mountains, everything has come together in unison to give birth to unearthly beauty.

This hilly district under Chittagong division is located in the southeastern part of the country. The area of ​​this district with a population of more than 5 lakhs is 1042 square miles. There is also a beautiful story of its naming. Khagrachhari was the name of a river. There was a huge reed forest on the bank of the river. Later, the huge forest was cleared and a settlement was established. Since then it has been known as Khagrachhari.

Topmost Tourist Destinations of Khagrachari

Alutila Tourist Center

Alutila Tourist Center is one of the most exceptional tourist destinations in Bangladesh. It is located 6 km west of the main city. Alutila Tourist Center has a high watch tower and a thrilling cave surrounded by natural mysteries. There are 3 thousand feet high Alutila hills. Alutila Cave is located next to the hill. The locals call this cave “Matai Hakar” or the cave of the Gods. They believe that this cave was once the abode of the Gods.

There is a flowing fountain at the bottom of this cave. This cave is called the mysterious cave because of this waterfall. The only source of light when entering this cold and dark cave is the torch of fire. The cave tunnel is very slippery so you have to step very carefully. There is a possibility of an accident if it is a little sideways. The length of the cave, which looks like a tunnel, is about 350 feet. The height of the cave is very low in some places so you have to crawl. It’s more fun for adventurous people. Going down 28 stairs will witness a great thrill for the rest of your life.

The Watch Tower at the tourist center is waiting for another surprise. From here you can get the most beautiful view of the whole region. If you look away from the Watch Tower, you can see the beauty of Khagrachhari city, sky and mountains. No one has a hard heart that will not be fascinated by this beauty. From the Watch Tower, Khagrachari will feel like a piece of Darjeeling. It would seem that all the beauties of nature have been caught in front of the eyes.

Risang Jharna

Risang Jharna has further enhanced the beauty of the hilly Khagrachari. Located in Sapmara village of Matiranga upazila of Khagrachhari district, this hill spring is a unique style of nature, 10 km away from Khagrachhari town, the height of this waterfall is about 100 feet.

The sound of the fountain can be heard just three kilometers west of the Alutila tourist center. You can easily go to the foot of the waterfall with your own transport. A little walking will increase your attraction of the journey several times. Anyone walking on the side of a high mountain will be blinded by the green of the mountain. The whole environment here is rocky.

The water of the spring is falling from about 100 feet above the hill. After falling down, it rolled over another 100 feet of rock and landed on the plane. The slope of the waterway has created natural water sliding, which is the main attraction of this fountain. This feature has given it a unique and unique look that goes beyond imagination.

Shantipur Forest Cottage

A hut in the middle of a huge forest, named as Shantipur Forest Cottage, is located in Panchhari upazila of Khagrachhari district. The cottage is located on 75 acres of forested land. Buddhist monks used the cottage to meditate in the secluded natural environment.

It is basically a Buddhist temple. This temple has the second largest Buddha statue in South Asia and the largest in Bangladesh. This statue of Buddha was built in 1999. It took about 4 years to make the 50 feet high statue.

There is a huge field in front of the house. The hut is covered with various trees. This includes agar, mahogany, rubber, bay leaves and many other forest plants.

Buddhist full moon is celebrated in this temple every year. Most people gather at the Chibar Donation Festival. More than 50,000 people take part in the festival.

New Zealand Para

New Zealand in Bangladesh! Is that even possible? Although it sounds impossible, a neighborhood in Khagrachhari Sadar is called New Zealand Para for its extraordinary natural environment. The distance from Khagrachhari Sadar to New Zealand Para is only one and a half kilometers. The New Zealand road is the road from Pankhaiya Para to Perachhara village.

Horizon pairs of green fields on both sides of the road give a different swing to the tourists. Extensive green fields and distant mountain ranges combine to create an aesthetic beauty. Due to this natural beauty, the reputation of New Zealand Para is spreading day by day from country to country. This New Zealand neighborhood is an impeccable gift of impeccably beautiful nature.

As far as the eye can see, there are only green fields, and in the distance there are rows of high hills. The top of the mountain seems to be at the border of the sky. The sky, the mountains, the clouds and the greenery create a natural fairy tale kingdom. In that state there is no burden, no ban to be lost. That magical kingdom will seem to be lost, aha! How beautiful life is. There are no people in this world that would not be fascinated by this green soft look around.

Hatimatha or Hatimurah

Imagine! Huge hill in front you and the winding stairs have gone up the hill. You have to climb 308 stairs to the village on the other side of the hill. Yes, such an exciting place is the Penachhara Union of Khagrachari. Reaching this union is another difficult task. About an hour and a half from the main road by trekking on small tillers then come to Penachhara.

In Chakma language, Hatimatha road is called ‘Edi Sire Mon’. This road is also known to the locals as the ladder of heaven. Residents of 15 villages of Penachara travel every day by climbing this inaccessible hill.

Horticulture Park

Horticulture Park located at Zero Mile in Khagrachhari district. This park has been created in a very pleasant environment. The Horticulture Park has a strangely beautiful hanging bridge. There is also a watch tower high above the city view. The park also has a charming swimming pool.

How to Go Khagrachhari

Both A/C and non-A/C bus services are available from Dhaka to Khagrachari. It will take about 7 hours and bus fare will be BDT500-700 per person. From Khagrachhari Sadar, you can come to Alutila Tourist Center by bus, Chander Gari (Jeep) or auto-rickshaw.

In order to visit Risang Jharna, you have to reach at Herringbone Road, which can be reached by jeep, private car or microbus from Khagrachari Sadar. The distance from the district headquarters to the north side of the main road just west of the Alutila tourist center is about 10 km in total.

If you want to visit Shantipur Forest Cottage, then you have to come at Shantipur through Panchhari which is 5km away by jeep or car. As the distance from Khagrachhari to Panchhari is about 25 kilometers you can come to Panchhari by local bus, CNG or motorbike.

If you want to experience the taste of climbing the inaccessible staircase in Hatimatha, you have to trek for about an hour and a half. You have to take a local bus from Khagrachhari Sadar to Panchhari. Then you have to get down next to the Jamtali passenger camp. After crossing the Chengi River and trekking for an hour and a half, you will find many coveted Hatimatha.

Horticulture Park can be reached in a short time by auto-rickshaw or rickshaw from Khagrachhari Sadar Bazar. Auto-rickshaws will cost BDT10 per person. The entrance fee to the park is only BDT20 per person. From Khagrachhari bus stand, you can reach New Zealand in just 10 minutes by hiring an auto-rickshaw.


Where to Stay in Khagrachhari

There are different quality hotels in Khagrachari. The best quality hotel is Khagrachhari Tourist Motel. Both AC and non-AC rooms are available here. Room rent is also very limited. Apart from tourist motels, there are also numerous numbers of hotels. You can choose from those according to your choice and budget.

Where to Eat in Khagrachhari

Khagrachari has a huge variety of traditional local foods. All of those can be found in traditional system restaurants. Those restaurants are located in Pankhai Para. You can also take your meal from the hotel or motel you will be staying in.

Things not to Forget

You have to buy a torch by buying a ticket worth BDT20 and then you can enter into Alutila. It would be good to have a torch light with you for extra security. The rocky stairs of the cave are very slippery so it is advisable to avoid shoes that make the feet slip.

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