Monpura Island is an Island Floating on the Shores of Meghna

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Monpura Island is an Island Floating on the Shores of Meghna

Bangladesh is neatly arranged in the infinite beauty of nature. This country has been built with true perfection in the wonderful combination of mountains, rivers, seas and islands. With an enormous portion of this beauty, an island called Monpura remains hidden from public view.

As rich as its name is, there is endless beauty like painting the mind in the colors of a butterfly. There are endless variations to enchant people who are thirsty for travel. Rich in diversity of animal and plant resources, the island can provide endless liveliness in the midst of a busy life.

Standing on the shores of the island, there is a hundred years of peace in the morning sunrise and soft light. Standing on the shores of this island floating on the shores of the Meghna, in the last ascension of the afternoon, when the sun sets in the western sky to scatter the red glow, it does not seem like any such scene. Your heart will be overwhelmed by the infinite joy of divine light.

The tireless running of the deer herd will give you indescribable joy that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Thousands of miles of trees lined the island stand like artists’ canvases. It looks like an artist has decorated this beautiful canvas with a brush.

In winter, the beauty of the island is multiplied by the chirping of guest birds. The whole island is abuzz with the chirping of birds. Different species of birds from different countries come to the island. They surround the island with an impossibly magical environment.

A Brief Introduction of Monpura Island

Monpura Island is an isolated island about 100 km south-east of Bhola. It is an upazila in the island district of Bhola. The 400-year-old island with 4 unions and 10-12 small and large chars (sandy lands) is floating along the shores of the Meghna. It is bordered by the Meghna River on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on the other. The chars of this island have saline water for 6 months and have fresh water for 6 months which is an amazing feature of this island.

The 363 sq km island is being eroded day by day due to river erosion. A 6 km dam was built to protect Monpura. More than half of which has disappeared in the Meghna. Monpura has a population of about one and a half lakh people. People are very simple and sociable in nature. They help tourists open their minds. There is no fear of theft or robbery on this island.

Eighty percent of the island’s population is farmers and fishermen. They weave nets themselves to catch fish in the Meghna and the Bay of Bengal. They catch and sell different types of marine fish including hilsa fish, poya fish, pangas fish and eat it themselves. The rest are involved in agriculture. They grow different types of vegetables and paddy in different seasons.

There are a small number of people who sell cow and buffalo milk. Numerous cows and buffaloes are grazed in different chars of Monpura. Only herdsmen live in these chars. They take care of cows and buffaloes. The shepherds build a special kind of high platform called “Bathan”. Inside the bathan there is an impossibly beautiful arrangement of cooking. They sell milk to wholesalers every day. The wholesaler sells it to the inhabitants of the main island.

The main problem of Monpura is electricity. It goes without saying that there is no electricity facility here. Solar power is supplied from 5 pm to 2 pm. During this time everyone charges mobile, torch and other electronic devices.

History of Monpura Island

The history of Monpura is 800 years old. In the sixteenth century, the island was a zamindari area under Chandradwip (now Barisal). At that time some Portuguese tourists came to visit this uninhabited island. Fascinated by the beauty of the island, tourists chose it for their business in 1518. From then on the settlement in Monpura started. Monuments of the Portuguese living 600 years ago are still found in Monpura. The special breed of dogs brought by them was seen all over Monpura. These long-haired dogs are not found anywhere else in Bangladesh.

There are several different views on the naming of Monpura. One group thinks that the beauty of the island filled the minds of tourists and it was named Monpura. Another group believes that a boatman named Mangazi was killed in a tiger attack on the island. Monpura became the name of the island after him.

Historic Beveridge, however, disagrees with the two views. He thinks that a zamindar named Mangazi leased the island in the middle of the eighteenth century. Since then the name of this island is Monpura. Whatever the history of naming, the beauty of Monpura has filled the minds of tourists for ages. It is an eternal truth.

What to See  in Monpura Island

Mangrove Forests

There are 20 mangrove forests in Monpura Island where you can see about 10 million living trees. Maya deer live in these mangrove forests. The number of deer on the island is about 10 thousand. Mangrove forests should be at the top of the list of those who like trekking. While observing the greenery inside the forest, one can see a huge herd of deer.

Landing Station

The landing station, which is 500 meters wide from the island to the river, attracts the most tourists. Standing at the end of it, the sound of the river currents and waves combined with the chirping of birds creates a strange magical atmosphere. Don’t forget to stand here and watch the sunset. When the sun sinks in the western sky, it seems that the sun understood and sank in the river.

Chowdhury Project

Chowdhury project is basically a fish enclosure. There are 5 small and big ponds here. There are about 2,000 coconut trees on the banks of the pond. It is impossible to imagine the beauty of coconut trees without seeing it with your own eyes.

Those who like to go by boat can take the boat to small chars. There you can see with your own eyes how the shepherds live their lives. Mathan’s tidy life system will spread fascination. The beauty of the head may seem, aha! It would not be bad to spend my life here.

Meghna River

You can go to Meghna with a fishing boat. If you tell any fisherman, he will take you with him. Those who love adventure will never miss the thrill of fishing. However, those who are afraid to go to the river they will not be disappointed either. There are special types of fishing equipment in the markets here. The locals call it “Fanush”. Fanush is made of glass around the lantern. As a result, the light reflects and attracts the fish. It can be easily fished with fanush. You can also take a spear with you. You can catch many small and big fish.

Monpura Island Bhola


One of the major attractions of the island is camping. Monpura is an ideal place for camping. Camping by the river and accompanying the Bar BQ party creates a wonderful atmosphere.

How to Go to Monpura Island

The first one is-

You have to reach at Bhola by launch from Dhaka first. One C-truck leaves from Tajumuddin Ghat in Bhola for Monpura. The C-truck leaves from Tajumuddin Ghat at 3 pm daily and from Monpura at 10 am.

The second one is-

Two launches leave daily from Betuaghat in Bhola Char Fashion for Monpura. You can also come through any of these launches. However, coming on these two routes will be a little annoying.

The most convenient way is to go directly to Monpura from Sadarghat Launch Terminal which is the third route for you. The two luxury launches, MV Farhan and MV Tasrif, depart at 5:30 and 6:00, respectively. These launches reached Ramnewaz Ghat in Monpura around 8 am. After a journey of 1 hour, they left for Hatiya again. The launches returned to Monpura around 1:30 on the same day.

The single cabin rent of the launches will be BDT 1,000; double cabin rent will be BDT1,800 and VIP cabin rent will be BDT 5,000. However, deck rent will be only BDT 300.

Where to Stay Monpura Island

There are several hotels and post bungalows in Monpura. Hotel rents here are quite low compared to other tourist spots.

Sunset in Monpura Islands Bhola

Transportation of Monpura Island

Monpura’s internal communication system is somewhat underdeveloped. Tourists have to rely on motorcycles. There are also a number of autos and battery powered rickshaws. The rent for the whole day will be BDT800-1,000.

What to Eat in Monpura Island?

Start the day with tea in Monpura in the morning because tea is made from pure buffalo milk in this island. Be sure that, it has an incomparable taste for many days. Not only buffalo milk tea, yoghurt made from buffalo milk is available in Monpura. Don’t forget to try it at all. In the markets you will find more delicious sweets made from pure milk. In the winter season, date juice is available in Monpura. In addition to regular items for lunch and dinner, there is chicken, meat, fresh hilsa fish curry and coral fish are also available.

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